Feb 14, 2024

Best Places To Work Remotely

If you’re traveling or just need a getaway, finding somewhere to work where you can be productive and free from distraction is no simple task. Luckily, there are numerous places throughout Shelby County that offer not only accommodations but work amenities as well. Keep reading to find out the best places to work remotely in Shelby County

Best Places to Work Remotely 

Whether you’re planning a midweek getaway, or an unexpected event means that you have to come up with a place that allows you to get work done, Shelby County has plenty of places that can accommodate nearly any traveling professional so that even when you’re out of office, you can still be completely plugged in. Find out all the best remote workspaces in Shelby County. 

Pelham Library 

At first glance, it may not seem like a library would be a great place to set up for a day of remote work, but the Pelham Library, equipped with high-speed internet and numerous quiet work areas is an incredible place to be productive. The library is open to the public and provides ample space to spread out, get those tasks done, and feel good about all that you accomplished while out of the office. 

Numerous Local Hotels

Across Shelby County, there are numerous award-winning hotels that offer patrons fantastic accommodations, exceptional services, and, importantly, plenty of work accommodations. With high-speed wifi at every hotel across Shelby County such as the Candlewood Suites in Alabaster, or the Hampton Inn & Suites in Pelham, you can rest assured that although you are out of the office, you are connected to a safe, secure network. 

Unique Lodging Experiences 

For those looking for a more secluded stay with access to all the amenities needed to work remotely, look no further than the Buck Creek BnB. For the traveler needing a place to call home base, the Lodge is perfect. You can get work done in peace while you’re still mere minutes from a larger regional city. If you need a reset and plan on working remotely, consider heading to the Buck Creek BnB where you can get the R&R you deserve without worrying about falling behind at work. 

Workspace Birmingham – Pelham 

Workspace Birmingham in Pelham offers one of the most unique workspace options in the area for those looking for work outside the traditional office setting. Workspace Birmingham is literally designed for “remote” work, but the facilities have all the amenities of a working office space. If you’re traveling or just need somewhere to focus and get some work done, Workspace Birmingham offers day offices for rent where you can get connected and get to work quickly and comfortably. 

If you’re traveling with your team and need a workspace where you can all convene and collaborate, there are meeting rooms and other common areas available that are perfect for group work. There are flexible hours, and you can even take advantage of their same-day booking option which helps fix any unexpected events that may occur that might have you needing a remote office space. Check out Workspace Birmingham and see all of their remote workspace solutions that may work for you!

Adventurer’s Coffee Co. – Calera

Adventurer’s Coffee Co. in Calera is a fantastic place to get some work done when you’re out of the office and in need of a house-roasted fresh coffee to enjoy. Located in the Main Street district, this little coffee shop is the perfect place to connect and log on to get some serious work done while enjoying a warm friendly atmosphere. 

Some studies suggest that being around the aroma of ground coffee helps with productivity and motivation, so put it to the test as you accomplish all of the day’s tasks while enjoying any one of their special coffee creations. Adventurer’s Coffee offers high-speed wifi and plenty of seating, so come on in and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and get some work done. 

Leader’s Corner Coffee and Tea – Columbiana 

A classic place to enjoy a caffeinated day of remote work, the Leader’s Corner Coffee shop in Columbiana may be your new favorite place to set up and get some work done. Who doesn’t need a few cups of coffee to get through the day? The folks at Leader’s Corner have some of the finest coffee and tea products around that are sure to have you energized and ready to conquer the day. The shop has free high-speed wifi available to all customers, so bring your laptop and work through that to-do list!

Plenty Of Places For Remote Work 

Shelby County may not seem like the ideal place for remote work, but don’t let that fool you. There are plenty of places to work remotely in Shelby County. Whether it is at an award-winning hotel, a boutique lodge that will connect you with nature and get you feeling revitalized, or a local coffee shop with friendly faces and delicious drinks, there is a space for everyone in Shelby County to crack open the laptop and get to work.