Adventurer’s Coffee
in Shelby County

If you are like us and can’t go a day without coffee, you will love your visit to Shelby County! Here, you can find a coffee shop on nearly every corner. There are so many options to choose from. If you are looking for quality coffee in Shelby County, Adventurer’s Coffee Co. is the place to stop. 

Adventurer’s Coffee

Shelby County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the state of Alabama. It is filled with communities and businesses that are quickly taking off. In Shelby County, you have access to any and everything you need. Adventurer’s Coffee Co. is one of those businesses that are definitely worth a visit.

Start Your Adventure in Calera, AL

Adventurer Coffee Co. has a catchy slogan, “Start Your Adventure With Us,” promising an unforgettable experience. Situated in the charming historic downtown of Calera, Alabama, this coffee company played a pivotal role in the area’s revitalization. Being one of the first businesses to open, Adventurer Coffee Co. contributed to re-establishing the district. The Calera location is the pioneering establishment offering locally sourced gourmet coffee at competitive prices. It’s not your average coffee shop; Adventurer Coffee Co. is dedicated to serving the community by providing the highest quality coffee available.

Not Just A Name

Are you familiar with the concept of an adventurer? Allow us to explain. An adventurer is an individual who actively pursues thrilling or risky experiences. They are constantly seeking out new adventures, whether it be exploring with their family, friends, or even on their own. Engaging in everyday activities, such as grabbing a cup of coffee, can be seen as an adventure to them. Adventurer Coffee Co. recognizes and appreciates those who embrace this adventurous spirit.

A Coffee Company of Many Options

Adventurer Coffee Co. offers a variety of ways to experience their coffee. You can stop through their shop, sit with a friend, catch up, and enjoy coffee. The coffee shop has been described as having a “chill” vibe. You can also set up a subscription box and receive different coffee each month. You can select the style of coffee you want for your subscription box, which includes:

  • Grounds
  • Whole Bean
  • Espresso

You can order Adventurer’s Coffee Co. coffee and have it delivered to your front door. Lastly, you can send an email gift card to someone special so that they can get coffee. So many different options that effectively serve the people not only in Calera, Alabama or the surrounding area but serve people all around.

Not Just A Coffee Company

Adventurer Coffee Co. goes beyond providing a trendy ambiance and delicious coffee. They offer a diverse range of merchandise, allowing you to proudly showcase your adventurous spirit wherever you go. Some of the items available for purchase include: 

  • T-shirts 
  • Baby onesies 
  • Coffee mugs 
  • Stickers

These items not only enhance your overall experience but also make excellent gifts for others.

Discover Your Next Adventure With Discover Shelby

Adventurer’s Coffee Co. is an exciting place that can appeal to anyone. It has a great location, offers various coffee options, and sells merchandise. This makes it accessible to a wide range of people and encourages everyone, no matter the size of their adventure, to visit. Adventurer Coffee Co. is the perfect spot to start your adventure if you’re in Shelby County and looking for a local place to enjoy a drink. Discover more places to eat and drink with Discover Shelby!