6 Best Things To Do During Fall In Shelby County

Published: August 23, 2023

By: Amelia Bennett, Alabaster, AL

Get ready to celebrate Fall in Shelby County, AL! From cozy coffee spots to pumpkin patches, we have it all in the heart of Alabama. Get spooked this season, or try a new autumn brew. We’ve got six of the best things to do during Fall in Shelby County. 

6 Best Things To Do During Fall In Shelby County

The days of lazying around the pool for hours are gone, and it is time to pull out the light jackets (because let’s face it…it still isn’t really that cold in Alabama). The heat index is dropping, and being outside is tolerable again. The days are shorter, but that doesn’t stop all the things to do in Shelby County! 

Get Outdoors

  • Visit A Pumpkin Patch And Explore A Local Corn Maze — This is definitely a favorite tradition in Shelby County. Helena Hollow’s pumpkin patch opens on October 1st. Through the month of October, you can enjoy over 25 attractions at the Hollow, from the obvious pumpkin patch to horse rides and fun kid activities. The Old Baker Farm pumpkin patch and corn maze opens on September 30th and runs through October. Time yourself on how fast you can finish the corn maze! 
  • Sleep Under The Stars — Grab your tent, sleeping bag, and flannel shirt, and register at Oak Mountain State Park for a backcountry campsite. The main campground is currently closed for renovations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still sleep under the stars. Backcountry camping at the state park is definitely something to experience. You can hike as far as you want and camp in any available marked site. 

Fall Flavors

  • Cozy up with a PSL — The beloved fall flavor is back! Pumpkin Spice Lattes take their hold on us all during the fall. Leaders’ Corner Coffee & Tea is a local favorite and the coziest spot to sit and sip your favorite fall drink. Not a fan of pumpkin spice? There are even more fall flavors to try. Adventurer’s Coffee has a homemade apple cider that is the perfect fall treat. They take ripened apples, peel them, smash them, and spice them up. 
  • Sip A Seasonal Brew  — It is the season of Oktoberfest brews. The place to check out is Oversoul Brewing for a small-batch, seasonal beer. Their menu changes frequently, so you may just have to stop by to see what they have available. Aside from beer, Shelby County also has the first Central Alabama meadery. Mead is an ancient honey wine. For the fall, Ivy League Brew has an apple, pear, and cinnamon mead called Autumn Glory. Check it out! 

Fall Activities

  • Take A Ghost Tour — There is no denying that the University of Montevallo is the eternal home to many ghosts, the most famous probably being Condie. Each year, the university holds a ghost walk. Visitors can tour the campus, see all the haunted areas, and learn more about the history of the school. Pretty spooky! 
  • Test Your Bravery At A Haunted House — You can find a few haunted houses in Shelby County. Open seasonally, these spots will definitely give you a fright. Warehouse31 is known for its thrills and chills. The theme changes every year, so you can’t say you’ve really been before. Hellbilly Hollow offers a haunted house, a corn maze, and a spooky swamp tractor ride. Fair warning, we don’t consider these kid-friendly activities. 

Plan Your Visit To Shelby County

You could really make a whole vacation with all this Shelby County Fall Bucketlist. A little weekend getaway is a perfect idea. Go all out and book a stay!

Explore more in Shelby County, and stay tuned for even more fun-filled events in our area!

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