in Shelby County

In southwest Shelby County is the town of Wilton. Wilton is a small town that can trace its roots almost back to the beginning of the state. From railroads to mining, this little town has a deeply rich history that is reflected in the lifestyle of the town today. Learn about Wilton and all it has to offer with Discover Shelby


The history of Wilton goes back almost as far as the history of the state of Alabama does. Wiltonville has gone by many names over the years, at least seven, but the name Wilton eventually came about in 1918 when the town was incorporated. 

It mainly saw railroads as its premier industry. The town was at the center of a large junction where coal from nearby mines would be loaded and shipped all over the country to fuel the economic boom following World War I. 

Shortly after incorporation, the stone structure that still stands as city hall was built in 1934 and the town of Wilton was officially born. 

Rich History 

You can feel the rich history of this turn-of-the-century Alabama town when you visit Wilton. The area was primarily for railroads and those who worked for the railroad. However, the influence of mining on the town has not been forgotten. 

Today, for a look at the past, history buffs and those just curious about the history of the great state of Alabama or Shelby County should check out the Aldrich Coal Mine Museum in Montevallo, just a quick drive from Wilton. This historical landmark turned museum and industrial attraction gives visitors a unique look at Shelby County’s past by providing a glimpse into a time when mining controlled this portion of the state. This is also the only coal mining monument in the state of Alabama, so be sure to check it out!

It’s no wonder that there is an old saying that “the first iron made in Shelby County was forged in Wilton.”

Great Dining Options 

For the food lovers who are visiting town, Wilton has some top-notch places nearby to grab a bite to eat, so come hungry!

Stop by Slice Pizza and Brew to try out one of their made-from-scratch pizzas or enjoy a nice locally-made craft beer. There is also a full bar and tons of other menu options. Take it from us, the food is fantastic and you’ve got to try it! Look out for the details coming out soon for the opening date of Slice Pizza and Brews. 

Other local spots feature Mexican Cuisine, there are Asian options, and of course, there are local burger spots you have to check out like the Dive Bar, located just up the road in Montevallo, this spot serves up bar food favorites and cold beverages so be sure to stop in and get a bite to eat or a cold drink next time you’re in town!

Great Parks

Local nearby parks offer great getaways next time you’re trying to step out into the great outdoors. Owls Cove Park nearby features beautiful green space right in the center of town. Keep an eye out for local music or artistic events happening here!

Or, how about Orr? Orr Park is located just up the road and parkgoers can experience the beauty of Shelby County while walking on well-maintained trails that follow the picturesque Shoal Creek. Leashed pets are allowed on site as well, so load up your four-legged friend and spend an afternoon in Orr Park. 

Something for Everyone

Wilton is a unique little town. Residents there take pride in the slower style of life that a small town like Wilton offers and they are proud of it. With so much pride in the community, next time you’re in Wilton or passing through, take a look at the town and all of the history that took place within the town limits. 

Visit Wilton!

Whether it’s a day at the park, a trip to Alabama’s only mining monument and museum, or a trip down an Alabama backroad for some mouthwatering barbecue, Wilton is a small town that has left a big impact on Shelby County. Get out and discover all that Wilton has to offer when you Discover Shelby.