Unique Things To Do In Shelby County, AL

Published: January 8, 2024

When you’re planning your weekend or weeknight getaway, how often do you come across the same old ideas for things to do? Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of things to do right here in Shelby County that you probably can’t do too many other places. 

Unique Things To Do In Shelby County, AL

Find out about some of the most exciting and unique experiences you can have in Shelby County and build memories that last a lifetime!

Horseback Riding at the Rusted Roof Barn

Have you been binge-watching Yellowstone and dreamed about exploring the wilderness on horseback? Channel your inner John Dutton as you explore the majestic Shelby County countryside on top of a beautiful horse! The Rusted Roof Barn just outside of Pelham at Oak Mountain State Park is your go-to destination for all things equestrian. 

Rusted Roof offers scenic trail rides through winding forest trails on horses that can cater to riders of all skill sets. These gentle horses are great for beginners and experienced riders alike, thanks to their friendly nature.

If you need any more reasons to visit the Rusted Roof, the owner, Heather Whitley, strives to make the Rusted Roof not only a great place for riders but also for her beautiful horses as well. Most of the horses at Rusted Roof are rescues or horses that otherwise would be turned out to pasture. Instead, Heather cares for and loves these wonderful animals and gives them another shot at bringing joy to people of all ages. Horseback riding at the Rusted Roof is not only fun, it’s a therapeutic way to explore some of Shelby County’s unbridled (get it?) beauty. 

Catch a Birmingham Bulls Hockey Game!

After experiencing an Alabama summer, it may come as a surprise that you can root for a hockey team on the ice right here in Shelby County, but you’re in luck, so bundle up! The Birmingham Bulls are one of Alabama’s two minor league hockey teams, and we’re lucky enough to have them right here in Shelby County!

The Bulls’ season begins in October and goes through the springtime, so you’ve got plenty of opportunities to go root for the home team. The squad plays at the Civic Center in Pelham almost weekly, and the games are always a fantastic way to spend an afternoon or evening. 

If you’re expecting any old minor league sports team, you haven’t been to a Bulls game. The arena is packed hours before game time with fans anxious to watch the Bulls win. And the team is really good! In 2022, the Bulls finished second overall, losing in the President’s Cup in a heartbreak. Mark your calendars and go cheer on Shelby County’s home team while the season lasts!

Karl C. Harrison Museum of George Washington

Are you a history buff looking to scratch your intellectual itch in a way that most museums cannot? Luckily, Shelby County has just the place for you. The Karl C. Harrison Museum of George Washington in the county seat, Columbiana offers patrons a unique look at the lives of people in the 18th and 19th centuries. 

The museum focuses on art and artifacts from the colonial period until the end of the Civil War. There are furniture pieces from the Washington family and their descendants, utensils, and tools straight from Mt. Vernon, a 1783 copy of Martha Washington’s prayer book, and many other unique items you won’t find in another museum highlighting this time period. 

The museum is open Monday-Friday from 10 am-3 pm and is free to the general public. Next time you’re looking for an in-depth, intimate look at this nation’s history, look no further than the Karl C. Harrison Museum of George Washington. Take a trip through history without ever leaving beautiful Shelby County!

Time Travel At The American Village!

Staying with the educational theme, head on over to The American Village! Located in Montevallo, the immersive experience of The American Village gives visitors a unique glimpse into early American life. This sprawling live-action museum sits on 188 acres of pristine land in Shelby County. Historical interpreters in the time-period clothing take visitors on a unique journey through time while also sharing their knowledge of early American life and the experiences of those who helped shape this nation. 

The campus includes Washington Hall, inspired by Mt. Vernon, a colonial courthouse, a replica of the Oval Office, and much more! The interpreters are passionate and dedicated to helping you learn as much as you want about the period in American History that we may think we know about but do not truly understand. This is why the immersive, interactive approach is so effective!

The campus can accommodate groups of almost any size. Whether it is for a K-12 event, or you are just looking for a different way to learn about your favorite historical time period, the unique experience offered by the American Village is unlike anything in Shelby County or the state of Alabama. 

Morgan Creek Winery

Who knew that you didn’t need to travel to Italy, or even California to get your hands on top-quality wines? The Morgan Creek Winery in Harpersville makes some of the best wine in the region, and certainly among the best in Shelby County. This family-owned winery has been operating in some capacity for over 20 years and the dedication to the craft is evident from their great tasting wines. 

But wine isn’t the only thing bringing people into the Morgan Creek Winery. The land that the vineyard sits on is a testament to the beauty of Shelby County. The spaces at the winery are breathtaking, and the tasting room is a great way to spend a day with friends or family. The winery has been featured in publications like Southern Living and Portico because of the special nature of the winery and the unique wine selections they produce. 

Enjoy an afternoon in the tasting room, or get outside for a stroll in the beautiful vineyards. No matter what you do at Morgan Creek, your experience is guaranteed to be unique to this special Shelby County winery. Don’t forget to buy a bottle or two on your way out!

Something for Everyone in Shelby County!

Shelby County is as unique as they come. As you can see, there is no shortage of things to do that can pique any interest. The possibilities are as diverse as the county is beautiful. So if you’re hunting for something to do, get out and explore the unique experiences that Shelby County has to offer!

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