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Buck Creek Greenway – Alabaster


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            Buck Creek Greenway – Alabaster

                  The Buck Creek Greenway trail contains approximately 3 miles of walking and biking paths with a 1.5 mile linear main trail. It connects two major parks: Buck Creek Park and Warrior Park. There are three trail heads to access the nature trail.
                  Trail Heads
                  Two are located at the existing parks (701 Sixth Avenue South and 100 Depot Street). The third trail head parking lot is near the YMCA and old Buck Creek Mill site. The Alabaster Senior Center is near this site. The linear trail topography is user friendly and consists of natural surfacing. This segment will easily accommodate strollers, bikes, pets, and seniors. There are five bridges on the trail with the associated handrails and approach ramps.
                  Points of Interest
                  Points of interest along the trail include a water fall behind the Buck Creek Mill property. A replica Pavilion close to the water fall on an island. Other points of interest are the Blue Hole and an underground spring that flows constantly.

                  The trail is not sanctioned as VolksMarch trail.