Taco Mac Arrives In Pelham

Published: October 18, 2023

Taco Mac has officially arrived in Pelham, marking its very first venture in the state and promising an experience like no other for locals. Conveniently located across the street from the Pelham Civic Complex and Ice Arena—the home turf of the beloved Birmingham Bulls—this new location in The Canopy is expected to become a top gathering spot for fans.

Taco Mac Arrives in Pelham: Bulls Fans’ Feast!

As the Birmingham Bulls gear up to launch their thrilling new season, excitement is in the air, and not just for the games. The arrival of Taco Mac adds an extra layer of enthusiasm among the fanbase. With a reputation for serving a delectable variety of tacos along with a large selection of craft beers, Taco Mac offers the perfect atmosphere for a pre- or post-game experience!

Exclusive Pre-Season Party

Fans, mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 17th. Taco Mac in Pelham is not only opening its doors for a season of fantastic food and sports but is also hosting the exclusive Bulls Season Ticket Holder Pre-Season Party! It’s a great opportunity for season ticket holders to mingle in an atmosphere full of anticipation for the season ahead while enjoying the flavors Taco Mac has to offer. Don’t pass up the Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls! 

Secure Your Season Tickets

If you haven’t secured your season tickets yet, now is your chance. Having a season ticket not only guarantees your spot in each game, but it also grants access to the exclusive meet-and-greet event with the Bulls’ stellar players and coaches. Imagine trying Taco Mac’s signature dishes while rubbing elbows with the star players!

Taco Mac & Birmingham Bulls: A Winning Combo

This collaboration between Taco Mac and the Birmingham Bulls shows the commitment to enhancing the community’s entertainment and dining scene. The combination of intense sports and irresistible food creates an exciting experience for Pelham

Not Just Another Taco Joint

For those who have yet to try Taco Mac, it’s not your run-of-the-mill taco joint. Their tacos are delicious, yes, but despite its name, the chain is not primarily known for tacos but rather for its buffalo wings and extensive beer selection. Since its inception, it has been a go-to destination for food enthusiasts craving innovative and delicious bar food creations from loaded nachos and quesadillas to burgers and chili cheese dogs. The menu is a variety of flavors, each dish made with unique craftsmanship and the freshest ingredients. Whether you are a bar food traditionalist or an adventurous eater, Taco Mac has something to delight your palate.

Pair some wings tossed in one of their 15 sauces or one of the specialty burgers with a beer selected from the extensive craft brew list, and you’ve got a combo that sings. Each beer is carefully chosen to complement the food, providing a dining experience that is both casual and extraordinary.

An Invitation To The Community

The opening of Taco Mac in Pelham is an invitation to not just the supporters of the Birmingham Bulls, but to everyone in the community. You don’t want to miss the environment for enjoyment and the celebration of good times.

Taco Mac adds to the vibrancy of the Pelham community. With its doors open, it’s ready to welcome everyone looking for an unforgettable taco adventure while supporting the athletic spirit of the town. Did we mention they have over 40 TVs? The Birmingham Bulls and Taco Mac bring together sports and food, creating a community hotspot for fun and enjoyment.

Discover More With Discover Shelby

As the air in Pelham is full of the anticipation of roaring crowds and the sizzle of delicious wings and tacos, there’s no better time to be a part of this exciting season. Purchase your Birmingham Bulls season tickets, secure your spot at the exclusive pre-season party at Taco Mac, and get ready to immerse yourself in a season of exciting games and delicious dining.

Taco Mac and the Birmingham Bulls await you with open arms and a promise of thrilling experiences and memories. Let the games—and the feasting—begin! Discover more exciting places to eat and explore with Discover Shelby!

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