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Shelby County, Alabama has accommodations for every type of traveler from hotels and lodges to RV parks and campgrounds. Come enjoy the beautiful scenery and explore while you’re here!

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Shelby County is a hiker’s paradise, with a range of trails that offer stunning scenery and varied terrain. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, there’s a trail for you. Here are some of the most popular hiking trails in the area.

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All Aboard: The Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum with Lindsay Barnett

There’s so much to discover in Shelby County, especially when it comes to museums. Get ready for a delightful chat with Lindsay Barnett from the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum! In this interview, Lindsay takes us on a journey through the museum’s rich history and exciting offerings, like train rides, special events, and community activities. She also shares some exciting news about upcoming additions, including a dining car and their much-loved Christmas event. Plus, Lindsay highlights the family-friendly fun in Shelby County, from beautiful parks to the local winery. This conversation paints a vibrant picture of the museum and its...

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From local community events to regional sporting events, and concert headliners, Discover Shelby is the go to place for the very best events near you.