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Old Baker Farm




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          Old Baker Farm

              The Old Baker Farm was established in 1899 and stands as a historic marker of days gone by. Homesteaded more than 200 years ago, the Old Baker Farm withstood the perils of the Civil War and remains today as a traditional family farm, growing crops such as cotton, corn, and pumpkins. The farm has been worked by the Baker family for more than 100 years and was one of only 12 farms featured in the USDA 2000 calendar titled “Millennium Celebration of Century Farms.” Since itโ€™s founding, the Old Baker Farm has seen six generations of the Baker family.

              Current Management

              Today, the Old Baker Farm is managed by a fourth generation family member, proprietor and entrepreneur Jerry Baker and his wife, Pam. Granddaddy (Earl) Baker, born in 1909, still works the farm at planting crops, picking cotton, cutting fire wood, etc. He plans to retire after he turns 100!

              The farm is open to the public for seasonal special events and activities.