Outdoor Art

in Shelby County

Get ready to unleash your creativity as Discover Shelby takes you on an amazing artistic adventure through the outdoor art in Shelby County. Prepare to be blown away by the eye-catching murals that bring life and color to the streets of Montevallo and Columbiana. And that’s not all – keep your eyes peeled for intriguing sculptures sprinkled throughout the county, ready to spark your imagination.

Outdoor Art in Shelby County

Art in Shelby County is like a vibrant explosion of creativity that reflects the spirit of the community. It’s a world where colors dance, designs mesmerize, and stories unfold before your eyes. Each artistic gem in Shelby County leaves a lasting mark, stirring emotions, sparking lively conversations, and bringing people together in celebration of the incredible power of creativity.

Murals in Shelby County

Murals have long been a powerful medium for expressing a community’s heritage and identity. These large-scale paintings add color and life to public spaces while telling stories that evoke a sense of pride and belonging. Shelby County boasts a vibrant artistic landscape, with captivating murals adorning the streets of Montevallo and Columbiana, celebrating the rich history, connection with nature, and the artistic talent of local youth.

Murals riddle the streets and corners of Montevallo and depict various themes, such as the special bond with its Japanese sister city, the town’s storied past, and environmental conservation. New murals at the city’s gateway and on the walls of local businesses further enrich Montevallo’s artistic ambiance.

A striking mural on Columbiana’s College St. embodies the town’s spirit and artistic prowess of its youth. A collaborative effort led by art teacher Michelle Branson, the mural features flowing water lines, greenery, and sun symbolism, reflecting Columbiana’s essence. This artwork celebrates the community’s resilience, growth, and creative spirit.

These murals in Shelby County add depth and character to the arts, serving as testaments to the area’s rich culture and history. See if you can find a few of these favorites:

Sculptures in Shelby County

Sculptures throughout Shelby County infuse a sense of magic and whimsy into our surroundings, capturing the essence of human creativity and our profound connection with nature. Crafted by talented sculptors, these awe-inspiring works of art invite viewers to explore the boundless realms of imagination and contemplate our intrinsic ties to the natural world. Showcasing a diverse array of themes and styles, the inspiring sculptures in Shelby County are not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful and thought-provoking, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter them. Among the many remarkable sculptures found across the region, a few standout pieces include:

  • “County Seat” by Nelson Grice: Nestled within the Shelby County Arts Council in Columbiana, this captivating creation offers a whimsical tribute to the city’s heritage. This sculpture intertwines a millstone with an actual seat, inviting passersby to embrace its inviting presence and capture the moment in a photograph.
  • “Becoming” by Ted Metz: Located on the University of Montevallo campus, this sculpture stands as a powerful symbol of the transformative power of education and mentorship. The sculpture’s centerpiece consists of two intricately sculpted hands representing the enduring bond between mentors and university students.
  • “Sustenance” by Ted Metz: This sculpture is inspired by the county’s rich heritage. It stands as a testament to the interconnectedness of all living beings, inviting viewers to reflect upon their relationship with the natural world and the delicate balance between human existence and the sustaining forces of nature.
  • “Tinglewood” by Tim Tingle: These tree carvings in Orr Park located in Montevallo, AL are a community treasure. In 1993, Tingle decided to begin carving faces into damaged cedar trees. The carvings continue to bring joy to locals and visitors, and the city even preserves the carvings if a tree falls. 

Embracing Shelby County’s Artistic Heritage

Art in Shelby County is a rich tapestry of stories, emotions, and shared experiences. Each mural and sculpture has a story to tell, a moment to share, and a lesson to teach. Embrace the art in Shelby County as we celebrate the richness of our history and the limitless potential of our future.

Discover Shelby County’s Artistic Treasures

Now that you’ve been introduced to the fascinating world of outdoor art in Shelby County, it’s time for you to experience these artistic treasures firsthand. Wander through the towns of Montevallo and Columbiana, let the murals tell their stories, and take a moment to reflect on the profound messages conveyed by the sculptures throughout the county. Open your heart and mind to the beauty and creativity that surrounds you, and let the art in Shelby County inspire your own creative spirit.

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