Mountain Biking At Oak Mountain State Park

Published: May 17, 2024

With all the rugged terrain around Shelby County, it’s no surprise there is no shortage of places to mountain bike. For thrill-seekers, the opportunities to mountain bike in Shelby County are seemingly endless. One of the best places in the state for mountain biking is Oak Mountain State Park. The endless trails and bike paths can give even the most dedicated mountain biker a thrill as nowhere else in Alabama can. Stick around to find out why you should plan your next mountain biking adventure at Oak Mountain State Park!

Mountain Biking At Oak Mountain State Park

Oak Mountain State Park is known around Shelby County and the State of Alabama as being filled with scenic trails, breathtaking views, and incredible wildlife encounters. But, the trail system at Oak Mountain also invites the more daring enthusiasts to put their skills to the test on the mountain biking trails!

With over 30 miles of trails that experience 1600 feet in elevation change, the trail system can seem daunting at first glance. But whether you’re a novice just getting into mountain biking for fun and exercise, or you’re a seasoned mountain biker looking to tackle your next thrilling challenge, Oak Mountain State Park trails have something for everyone. 

The Intermediate Trails

Just about every trail condition can be found at Oak Mountain State Park. Most of the trails are geared towards beginner or intermediate riders, so no worries if you’re not a seasoned vet! For beginners, there is a relatively easy lake trail that circles Double Oak Lake. This path is well-worn and free from any technical parts that may be better for more experienced riders. This is the perfect place to cut your teeth mountain biking, or even if you’re a seasoned pro on the trails, you can warm up with a trip around the lake trail. 

For a more challenging, yet moderate ride, check out the Oak Mountain Foothills trail. This approximately 12-mile run with 1900 feet of elevation change is a great challenge for almost every mountain biking skill set. This trail can take up to a half day to complete, but when you’re in a forest as beautiful as Oak Mountain State Park, you’ll only want more time. So pack a lunch and make a day for yourself on the trail!

Harder Trails

For more seasoned riders, the “Blood Rock” trail offers riders a chance to navigate a trail that is long and contains technical parts that require skill and concentration. From steep inclines and rocky sections of the trail to sandy bottoms that will get those legs burning, the Blood Rock trail is the perfect trail for someone looking for a challenging way to spend a weekend.

This trail is often featured in races and competitions at Oak Mountain State Park due to the numerous elevation changes which make you pedal hard uphill and then maintain your speed on technical descents. Experienced riders will get a thrill out of this well-maintained trail and will surely be tired after completing this impressive feat on two wheels!

Facilities at Oak Mountain State Park 

Oak Mountain State Park is not your average state park without plenty of amenities for visitors to enjoy. There is ample parking with large spots so you will not be cramped getting your biking equipment ready and making sure you are ready to ride. Restrooms, water bottle fillup stations, and staff onsite are there to ensure that your trip to Oak Mountain State Park is relaxing and enjoyable. 

If you’re making a day out of your time at Oak Mountain State Park, pack a meal and sprawl out in some empty greenspace, by the lake, or at one of the numerous picnic tables and fuel up before or during your ride through the park. There is plenty of space for you and your riding group to get together and share a meal, coordinate your trip, or reminisce on past rides while you’re in the park. 

What Gear Do You Need? 

The mountain biking trails at Oak Mountain State Park feature both easy rides and more technical ones. However, you should always take steps to protect yourself while on the trail. This means that you should have a helmet, adequate padding, and necessary supplements and hydration resources to keep you feeling fresh while you’re riding and safe from harm if you take a spill. Appropriate footwear is also a must for keeping your feet safe while you enjoy your tour through the park. 

Cahaba Cycles, located just outside the park in Pelham is a great resource to become acquainted with all the materials you may need if you’re just starting out in your mountain biking career, and can provide updates to your equipment if you’re a seasoned vet. Check them out before your next ride through the park!

Head to Oak Mountain State Park Today!

Oak Mountain State Park is a nationally revered mountain biking trail. The views, the trails, and the facilities make it second to none in the state of Alabama and luckily it’s located right in the middle of Shelby County. Plan a weekend at the park and see what you’ve been missing if you’ve never been. Air up those tires, buckle that helmet, and head out to Oak Mountain State Park today to see why this trail system is one of the best in the southeast! Discover more ways to be adventurous in Shelby County with Discover Shelby!

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