MammothMarch Alabama

Published: March 4, 2024

Are you looking for a fun way to get outside and get active? Hiking in Oak Mountain is always a great option. Luckily, the MammothMarch is returning to Oak Mountain State Park this April! Keep reading with Discover Shelby to find out all about the MammothMarch and why you and your family won’t want to miss out on this awesome active event!

MammothMarch Alabama

The MammothMarch is coming back for a second year at Oak Mountain State Park! This race is the best of both worlds for those who want to get outside and enjoy a beautiful day in some of the most pristine landscapes that Shelby County has to offer and those who are looking to exercise in an enjoyable and memorable way. Find out why you should be sure to participate this year, you won’t regret it!

Beautiful Oak Mountain Trails

The MammothMarch is a 20-mile race that begins at one of Oak Mountain trailheads. You will meander through 20 miles of beautiful trails throughout the park alongside other competitors. There is an eight-hour time limit, so participants can enjoy a comfortable pace as they take in all of the unbridled beauty of nearly 10,000 acres of Shelby County’s mountain trails. 

Race Day

Participants in the 2024 MammothMarch should mark their calendars for April 13, 2024! On race day, you and your pals can begin as early as 7 AM. As we mentioned before, there is an 8-hour time limit, but there are no failures or losers in the MammothMarch, only a group of supporters who are committed to seeing you rise to the challenge of completing this grueling march!

During the race, you will notice that there are groups of people along the path seeking to motivate and encourage you on your hike. Refreshment stations throughout the trail keep you fueled up so that you never miss a beat while on your journey. There are also restrooms, aid stations, and other opportunities to get a bite to eat, a coffee, or some assistance if you need it. 

As mentioned before, participants have 8 hours to complete the race, but there is no official timekeeping that takes place, and the finish line is kept open after the 8-hour time limit is passed for those who may need a bit more time to complete the march. 

What’s Included With Registration

Participants in the race get some pretty cool swag when they sign up. For starters, you will receive a map you can view digitally with coordinates and the path you will follow during the march. After the race, every competitor will get a finisher medal and a certificate commemorating their awesome achievement. 

Keeping in the spirit of enjoying the great outdoors and all the beautiful landscapes that Shelby County has to offer, for every participant who competes in the MammothMarch, one tree will be planted. So this year when you compete, you can also feel good knowing that you contribute to protecting the ecosystems we all love so much. 

Everyone Who Has Competed Loves It!

Competitors who participated in the MammothMarch last year loved their experience. The encouraging, non-competitive, dog-friendly atmosphere along with the dozens of volunteers who give up their time to make the race happen have made the experience of the MammothMarch one that you can’t miss out on. At every step of the race, you will find others walking alongside you encouraging you to keep going all the way to the finish line. That is what makes this race so unique!

Be Ready for Race Day

This April, make sure you head out to Pelham and embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through some of the most beautiful scenery in Shelby County. The MammothMarch is a demanding endeavor, but it is worth it. The views will be unmatched, the camaraderie will get you through the race, and you can look back and be proud that you did something for yourself and the environment! Make sure you sign up for the MammothMarch at Oak Mountain State Park this April!

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