Just A Tish, Wine And More
in Shelby County

One thing we like to do in Shelby County is eat and drink locally. If you are in Shelby County, there is a new local wine shop where you can enjoy an amazing selection of wines and spend an evening relaxing on cozy outdoor chairs. Visit Just A Tish, Wine And More to see everything they offer and more!

Just A Tish, Wine And More

Are you looking for the best locations to Eat and Drink in Shelby County? There is a place in Columbiana, AL you should check out called Just A Tish, Wine And More. The wine shop is located on Main Street in the heart of Columbiana’s art and entertainment district right across from the Blue Agave Cantina. This location is ideal for visitors and residents to access the wine shop easily.  

Keep It In The Family

Kelly Davis, a Columbiana local, opened Just a Tish in 2020. Just a Tish was named in honor of Kelly’s grandmother, who had a deep appreciation for wines and would always ask for “Just a Tish” more when glasses were being poured. Three years after its opening, the storefront was relocated to charming Columbiana Main Street, where Kelly now runs the business with her siblings, Christy Brasher and Corley Ellis. Davis proclaims that she wouldn’t be anywhere without the help of her family! Their new location truly adds to the vibrant atmosphere of Main Street.

Relax and Gather

Just a Tish is more than just a wine shop. It truly is a hub for connection and community in the heart of Columbiana. From their delightful outdoor seating area to the cozy grouping of couches indoors, Just a Tish has the perfect ambiance for visiting with friends and family. Another unique feature that adds to the store’s charm is the vintage record collection on display for visitors to sort through and play to enjoy the warmth of analog sound. They also have some truly amazing gifts from artisanal olive oils, to locally made candles, to serving platters and art made from recycled wine bottles. 

A Nice Variety

Outside of their extensive selection of wines for all budgets and palates, Just a Tish also offers craft beers and a selection of charcuterie boards that are available for preorder. On occasion, Just a Tish will host brunch. Be sure to follow them on Facebook so you don’t miss out on their famous shrimp and grits! Their storefront is also right across the street from The Blue Agave Cantina if you are in the mood for a casual dinner after trying some new wines. 

Main Street

Main Street in Columbiana, AL is settled right by the historic Shelby County Courthouse. Main Street is home to many local:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Boutiques 
  • Eateries 

This couldn’t be a better location for Just A Tish, Wine And More. Many community events happen on Main Street, making Just A Tish the perfect place to stop, grab a drink, and take in your surroundings. Main Street is also  a straightforward, easy to access spot that makes this area perfect for travel and new visitors! No matter where you come from, there are easily navigable routes to access Main Street. For the person who wants to do more exploring, there are also back roads you can take to access the street as well. Just A Tish, Wine And More is in the ideal spot for everyone to enjoy!

Something for Everyone

Just A Tish, Wine And More is a one-of-a-kind place. It’s really a great addition to the arts and entertainment district of Columbiana, AL. The wine shop brings a little something for everyone with all of the options that they offer. If you are looking for a diverse and easy-to-access spot, then Just A Tish, Wine And More is the place for you. Discover more places to eat and drink with Discover Shelby!