Discovering Calera’s Main Street Magic with Jackie Batson

Published: January 22, 2024

We sat down with Jackie Batson, the Executive Director of Calera Main Street, to dive deep into the heart of Calera’s Main Street district. Join us as we uncover the journey of revitalizing this historic area! 

Calera became a designated Main Street city under the Main Street Alabama umbrella in 2019. Before that, this charming town had a downtown that had seen better days, much like many small towns across America.

In 2019, hardly any stores were open in downtown Calera – it was 84% empty. But now, it’s much better, with only 23% vacancy. They’ve added 10 new stores and have even had to renovate two others to make them even bigger! Lots of events have made downtown Calera lively, and people love coming here again.

There’s a lot of excitement about what’s happening in the Calera Courtyard. Right now, they’re working on phase one, which includes building a pavilion and a play area, and it’s almost finished. In the future, they’re planning to add a big stage and have more concerts and festivals for everyone to enjoy!

Plenty Of Events 

Calera knows how to throw great events that bring the community together. It all started with a small weekly farmers market, which later grew into the First Friday Festival Series. These events run from March to August, with each month having a different theme and sponsor. They’re a big deal for downtown Calera, drawing crowds of 500 to 5,000 people. People especially love the Fourth of July celebration with fireworks. Another favorite is the annual trunk or treat event, which started small but got really big.

A Day Downtown

A day in Downtown Calera is full of exciting discoveries. Start your day at Adventurer’s Coffee Company, known for its great coffee from around the world. Right next door, you’ll find Plant, a lovely gift shop with houseplants and pretty decorations. If you’re looking for something sweet, Creations Galore and Moore is the place for delicious treats and event spaces, especially famous for their beautiful cakes. If you want to stay active, there are many gyms to choose from. Don’t forget to check out Collectivus Church and Event Center for special occasions or weddings. And for your pets, visit Fuzzy Buttz Pet Supply. Lastly, if you’re up for a unique experience, ROE Hobby has you covered, and they even have a full bar. Downtown Calera is full of hidden gems waiting for you to explore!

Downtown Calera is located where two big train lines meet. You can visit the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum located near the Main Street district to learn all about the history. They’re also planning to build a bridge over the train tracks to make it easier to get around and reduce the number of trucks. Calera will soon be a place where you can park your car and walk to everything. You can ride the train, play disc golf, and enjoy tasty food. It’s a great place for everyone to have a good time!

Discover Calera Main Street

Whether you’re into history, love food, or just want a cool place to explore, you’ve got to check out Calera’s Main Street district. This whole transformation wouldn’t be possible without the awesome folks in Calera and their leaders. So, why wait? Come see Calera’s Main Street and be part of this incredible transformation! Explore more things to do and places to visit with Discover Shelby!

Calera Main Street

Discover More About Calera Main Street

If you’d like to learn more about Calera Main Street, check out their socials below.


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