Indian Springs Village
in Shelby County

There are many outstanding cities in Alabama, and we’re proud that so many of them are located in Shelby County. If you’re thinking of visiting Alabama or are looking for another city to explore in your home state, consider Indian Springs Village! If you want a quieter getaway that is focused on nature and community, then Indian Springs Village is a great option! Check out this overview and a few of the many aspects that make Indian Springs Village a wonderful destination for a visit.

Indian Springs Village

Incorporated on October 16, 1990, Indian Springs Village sits in northern Shelby County approximately 12 miles south of the City of Birmingham. It is generally accepted that the town was created as a protective measure for residents who wanted to keep their area from being impacted by development. Indian Springs Village is centered in the Highway 119 valley bordering the north boundary of the amazing Oak Mountain State Park. The city claims beauty, serenity, and tranquility as its very essence. 

A walk through Indian Springs Village isn’t just a walk among homes and streets; it’s a journey through history. The architecture here boasts glimpses of times gone by, with structures reminiscent of colonial and early American designs. Stop by the local town hall or church and chat with some locals. Their stories are as vibrant as the landscape itself. 

Most residents enjoy getting out and soaking in the sunshine and breathing fresh air. This is a quiet town that has a strong community many will love to see in action!

Activities In Indian Springs Village 

If gardening piques your interest, consider joining the Garden Club! Everyone is invited to attend a session. Club members possess vast knowledge about Alabama’s diverse flora. Whether you’re curious about cultivating, harvesting, cooking, or eradicating a particular plant, there’s an expert in the group ready to guide you. The Garden Club is dedicated to enhancing the beauty of Indian Springs Village and actively supports various events at the Town Hall. So, whether you’re a seasoned gardener, a newbie, or simply contemplating starting a garden, reach out to the club and let them assist in realizing your gardening aspirations.

In Indian Springs Village, diving into the world of antique shopping is like embarking on an enchanting treasure hunt where history meets curiosity. Attic Antiques, a cherished family-run haven for antique aficionados and history lovers, exudes a welcoming atmosphere. Their extensive assortment of bygone gems encompasses various periods and designs.

As the day winds down, find a cozy spot to watch the sun cast its golden hues over the town. Something is mesmerizing about an Alabama sunset, especially when enjoyed with the sounds of nature in the backdrop.

Community Events

Check out the town’s community calendar. From outdoor concerts, and farmers’ markets to craft fairs, there’s always something buzzing in Indian Springs Village. The community spirit is palpable, and there’s an energetic vibe to every event. Trust me, you’ll be tapping your feet or clapping your hands in no time!

One of the most anticipated holidays of the year for Indian Springs Village, the 4th of July Celebration is well worth planning your stay around. For less than $10 you can eat delicious food and enjoy the various festivities. Some highlights that people look forward to are Ms. Sylvia’s lemonade, the flag-raising ceremony, and a dessert table.

 If you think you’ve got what it takes, bring your best homemade dessert with you to see how it stands up to everyone else’s at the dessert table. All desserts will be judged (and you can even taste your competitor’s). The winner gets a gift card, a certificate, and esteemed bragging rights until next year’s competition, so you’ll have to come back and defend your claim.

Rural Focus

If you are looking for a place that is protected from commercialization and a quiet getaway, then this town is the one for you. Indian Springs Village has a steadfast goal of nurturing a rural atmosphere. Town officials are dedicated to protecting the quality of life that their citizens enjoy, the beauty, and the serenity of the area. They have not swayed from their original purpose of cultivating a nature-focused atmosphere, and that goal is not changing anytime soon. This is the perfect place to plan a stay where you can focus on yourself and reconnect with nature. Oak Mountain State Park is close by so take advantage of the fresh air and gain inspiration amongst its beautiful scenery.

And you can find everything you need at the Promenade in Alabaster. Just off I-65 and Highway 31, this mega shopping center includes Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe’s JCPenney, Ross Dress For Less, and more!

Discover Indian Springs Village

Indian Springs Village might be small on the map, but it’s HUGE on experience, charm, and soul-soothing vibes. It’s the kind of place that makes you want to settle down with a good book, enjoy the ambient sounds, and relish life’s simple joys. So, adventurers, next time you’re charting your course, make a pit stop at Indian Springs Village. And trust me, you’ll leave with memories, stories, and perhaps a longing to return. Discover more places to explore with Discover Shelby!