Cat-N-Bird Winery
in Shelby County

There is no shortage of great places to eat and drink in Shelby County, and Cat-N-Bird Winery is the perfect place for your next adventure! Located off Old Highway 280 in Chelsea, Cat-N-Bird Winery is a boutique winery, event space, and much more! Marty and Robyn Lyons, husband and wife, own and manage the property, and you can tell how passionate they are about serving their patrons when you visit. As animal rescue advocates, the couple has a few furry friends, like a miniature donkey and a 200-pound pig, who will have you smiling on your next adventure in Shelby County.

Cat-N-Bird Winery

While Cat-N-Bird Winery does have some excellent-tasting wine made right there on the property, the opportunity for adventure does not stop there. On Saturdays, Cat-N-Bird Winery features events open to the public with live music and food trucks. If that’s not your thing, or you’re just looking for another great event space in Shelby County, you and 299 of your closest friends can rent the property for events like weddings, showers, or parties. Cat-N-Bird Winery is your best bet when planning a large event in Shelby County.

Wonderful Wines

While there may not be a vineyard on the property, don’t let this fool you. Cat-N-Bird Winery has some outstanding wines. They source their grapes from all over the world from places like Argentina, New Zealand, and Italy, but they make the wine on-site in Chelsea. This creates unique flavors and lets the couple show off some of their Southern roots in the wines they love.

A Great Menu

During their regular business hours, Cat-N-Bird Winery’s menu is loaded with everything someone would need to have a good Saturday. Their menu is expansive and is sure to satisfy any wine connoisseur or novice..  f If you don’t quite know what you like, try one of the wine flights with six varieties until you find your perfect glass. In the summer, ask about their wine slushies to beat the heat and enjoy some locally crafted wine right in your own backyard in Shelby County. You will love this winery if you’re in the mood to snack! Ask the staff about their carefully curated cheeses paired with just the right wines to have your taste buds singing. 

Incredible Event Space

Enjoy the charm of this secluded location in Shelby County for your next large event! Cat-N-Bird winery features a covered pavilion, an outside ceremony area, bars, a cigar bar, fire pits, and so much more, making it the perfect event space regardless of weather or the occasion. The property itself is picturesque, with maintained lawns and rolling hills. You’re not going to find a prettier event space in Shelby County than Cat-N-Bird Winery. 

Perfect For Weddings

The Cat-N-Bird Winery is the perfect spot for a wedding in Shelby County. Their covered pavilion can handle rainy spring days, or if the weather allows, there’s a spot on the lawn to say “I do!” Not only will the ceremony be beautiful, but the bride and groom can also take their parties to the special suites dedicated just to them on-site. Offsite bridal or groom suites are available in a wedding package as well! During the reception, the Cat-N-Bird Winery features a tasting room to ensure that all your guests enjoy their night in beautiful Shelby County at the Cat–N-Bird Winery. 

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The Cat-N-Bird Winery is so much more than just a simple mom-and-pop winery. It features imported, exotic grapes carefully crafted into beautiful rich wines that are made by a couple who is passionate about delivering the absolute best quality wine to the people of Shelby County. But that’s not all. The large event space is perfect for weddings, showers, or any other reason to celebrate. So next time you need a place to have a drink on a sunny Saturday, a place to celebrate, or a place to say “I do,” look no further than Cat-N-Bird Winery; it is Shelby County’s best. Discover more places to visit with Discover Shelby!