Best Places For Soul Food

Published: September 30, 2023

If there’s one thing we know how to do in Alabama, it’s cook. Our state has a reputation for serving up some of the tastiest culinary creations on this side of the Mississippi. With all that fame, you don’t need to look too far to find your next spot to get your soul food fix. Savor Soul Food Delights in Shelby County: Discover the top-rated spots for authentic soul food. Explore a culinary journey through the best places to indulge in Southern flavors and comfort dishes in Shelby County.

Best Places For Soul Food

Shelby County is home to some of the state’s best soul food. With a simple Google search for “soul food near me,” your results are seemingly endless. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of some of the places we think are worth stopping in for lunch. Keep reading to find out where you should head next to get your deep-fried fix!

Sarris Cafe—Pelham 

First up on the cross-county Crisco tour is Sarris Cafe. For almost two decades this spot has been serving up authentic southern cuisine sure to have your taste buds tingling. The menu features all of your classic southern dishes like country fried steak, fried snapper, pork loin and so much more. Add two vegetables to your plate for your complete “meat and two” meal. 

The owners’ Greek heritage finds its way into their award-winning vegetable sides for a flavor combination you’re sure to find only at Sarris Cafe. With over a dozen options and almost endless possible plate combinations, Sarris Cafe has something for everyone. 

This classic southern staple is open 6 days a week, including Sundays until 2 p.m. This means that any time you’re looking for your next plate of down-home southern goodness, or if you need a place to get the family together for a great meal in a wonderful environment, you know that you can head on over to Sarris Cafe. 

Champy’s Fried Chicken—Alabaster

Making its name known in Alabaster is Champy’s Fried Chicken, embodying the essence of Southern soul and comfort with its hearty and inviting menu. Launched with a clear vision, Champy’s has consistently offered a casual, affordable, and family-friendly atmosphere where locals can indulge in the time-honored tradition of sharing delightful meals. Operating as a family-owned venture, Champy’s Fried Chicken proudly serves dishes that resonate with authenticity and home-cooked perfection.

Champy’s doesn’t just serve the conventional fried chicken plate. They’ve crafted a menu that encompasses both tradition and innovation. From the seas, they bring you the tangy shrimp po’ boy and the sumptuously flaky catfish po’ boy. But the true star of the show? Their iconic fried chicken sandwich that locals can’t get enough of. If skewered delights are up your alley, their chicken on a stick will not disappoint. The Mississippi Catfish plate served with a refreshing slaw and crispy hushpuppies, is a testament to their commitment to authenticity and flavor. For those in a classic mood, opt for the 3-piece dark or white meat plate, which can be paired with sides like the smoky baked beans, creamy potato salad, crunchy fried okra, or the homestyle mashed potatoes dripping in gravy.

If you’re throwing a party or have a big gathering, Champy’s has got you covered. Their party platters, featuring options like 30 wings or 30 tenders, are perfect to feed the crowd. So next time you’re in Alabaster and in search of a culinary journey down South, Champy’s Fried Chicken awaits with open arms and plates full of delights.

Beulah Mae’s Southern Kitchen—Alabaster 

If the dictionary had pictures, the food at Beulah Mae’s Southern Kitchen would be right next to the word “soul.” This food truck-turned-restaurant is dishing out some of the finest plates of southern delicacies in the whole state! 

Located in Alabaster, Beulah Mae’s features a menu of classic southern soul food like fried catfish, pork chops, and beef tips with rice. But that’s not all, the rotating side menu has something for everyone, and the raving reviews people have about this special shop speak for themselves. Beulah Mae’s also serves up some of the best wings in Shelby County with a variety of sauce flavors that are sure to make your mouth water. Be sure to check their Facebook because they regularly offer specials like $1 wings!

For a great family meal on Sundays, sometimes it can be hard to find a good quality restaurant that’s open. No worries—Beulah Mae’s is open for business on Sunday from 1 p.m. until they sell out. So get there quickly! 

Bevelle Family Cafe—Pelham

Last but not least, we’ve got Bevelle Family Cafe in Pelham. Bevelle Family Cafe is just about as Southern soul as it gets. With a rotating menu that varies from day to day, Bevelle Cafe has all of your typical soul food options like turkey and gravy, beef tips and rice, meatloaf, pork chops, and many others. 

Build your own plate with two or three of their fantastic southern sides. They’ve got all the favorites like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, steamed cabbage, and many more. You can create your ideal plate with two or three of these sides, but just be sure to leave some room for dessert because you absolutely cannot miss out on the bundt cake or peach cobbler! The desserts rotate as well, so be sure to ask about the daily specials!

Shelby County Soul Food

What is clear to us is that there is no shortage of soul in Shelby County, and definitely no shortage of soul food. The places we’ve mentioned are definitely great, but they’re not the only restaurants serving up delectable soul-filled goodness in Shelby County, so get out there! Discover the best place to treat yourself to some soul food goodness when you get out and Discover Shelby!

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