Art Classes
in Shelby County

There are hidden pockets of inspiration everywhere, and Shelby County is no exception. A canvas of creative energy, it is home to numerous studios and workshops that foster the exploration and celebration of art in Shelby County.

Art Classes

You’ll discover a thriving artistic community that values inclusivity and celebrates diversity. The art scene in Shelby County goes beyond traditional galleries and exhibitions—it comes alive through engaging workshops and classes offered by talented local artists and passionate organizations. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting your creative journey, there’s a place for you to learn, grow, and express yourself in this vibrant community.

Shelby County Arts Council

The Shelby County Arts Council plays a vital role in nurturing the arts in Shelby County. Offering a wide array of classes and workshops for all ages, the Arts Council promotes artistic development, community engagement, and cultural appreciation. From painting and pottery to writing and music, the Council provides countless opportunities to expand your creative horizons. As a hub for arts education and events, the Shelby County Arts Council collaborates with local artists and cultural organizations to bring the community together through creativity and learning. 

List of classes and workshops offered by the Shelby County Arts Council:

  • Painting and Drawing
  • Pottery and Sculpture
  • Creative Writing
  • Music Lessons
  • Photography
  • Youth Art Programs
  • Special Events and Exhibitions

creACTive Art Area

Unleash your creativity at creACTive’s creARTive art area, where your imagination can flourish and evolve. Dive into the world of art by joining the group classes, scheduling personalized one-on-one lessons, or simply utilizing the materials to craft your own masterpiece. Explore the joy of painting with engaging group art classes, complete with the option to enjoy wine and beer during your artistic journey. Discover the captivating Paint Your Pet group class, where you can bring your beloved furry friend to life on canvas. For a more personalized experience, embark on individual lessons guided by the talented resident artists. Looking for flexibility? The open paint times allow you to bring your own inspiration and access our wide range of art supplies. Choose a single session or opt for one of the money-saving plans as a regular attendee. Get ready to ignite your artistic passion and let your creativity take flight at creACTive.

Party Art

For those who enjoy the camaraderie of a group setting, Party Art offers a range of art classes in Shelby County that cater to both adults and children. The art in Shelby County is made even more accessible by the studio’s fun, social atmosphere. With a focus on painting and mixed media, Party Art helps you tap into your creative side while making lasting memories with friends and family.

Painting with a Twist

If you’re looking for a unique and entertaining way to experience art in Shelby County, look no further than Painting with a Twist. This popular studio combines art instruction with a casual, upbeat atmosphere, encouraging participants to relax and enjoy the creative process. With a wide selection of classes and events, Painting with a Twist offers a refreshing and engaging approach to art.

Find Your Artistic Path in Shelby County

The art in Shelby County is diverse, vibrant, and waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, there’s a class or workshop that will inspire you to pick up a brush, pen, or clay and start creating. Embark on your own artistic journey and experience the joy of creation. Find out more about things to do in Shelby County with Discover Shelby!