24 Hours In Harpersville, AL

Published: April 16, 2024

Across Shelby County, there are certain places that take you back in time to the small-town Alabama of days past. One of those places is Hapersville. The town itself predates both Shelby County and the State of Alabama. Today, the simplistic, small-town feel of Harpersville is what the locals love and the visitors come back for. For a complete 24-hour itinerary for the next time you’re in Harpersville, keep reading and find out all the exciting things that this small Shelby County town has to offer!

24 Hours in Harpersville

The beauty of Shelby County can be seen anywhere in the county, but in Harpersville, you get a good glimpse at just how incredible the beauty of Shelby County is, both in natural beauty with babbling creeks, scenic pastures, and spacious parks, but also in cultural beauty with the warm inviting locals always welcoming you back. Keep reading to find out what you have to see and do next time you’re in town!

Breakfast at the Coffee Shoppe

Although at first glance you may be wary of a restaurant connected to a gas station, Alabama locals will tell you that this is where all the hidden gems lay. The Coffee Shoppe on 280 is as traditional a Southern diner as Southern diners come. This community staple serves up some of the finest breakfast and lunch cuisine around. Grab a seat at the bar and hear about all the happenings around town while you enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee. 

The menu is stacked with southern favorites from burgers to Barbecue, so bring an appetite! Breakfast at the Coffee Shoppe is served all day, so no matter when you’re beginning your Harpersville excursion, you can stop in and start your day right with a traditional southern breakfast. No matter when you come in, the Coffee Shoppe has what you need to fuel your day and get you on the right track to get out and discover Shelby County!

Hang Out At JW Donahoo Park!

After a hearty meal at the Coffee Shoppe, you’re going to have some energy to burn! Luckily, JW Donahoo Park in Harpersville has plenty of places to spread out, walk around, or relax and enjoy the beautiful Shelby County town. Located right in the town of Harpersville and open all day, JW Donahoo Park is a great place to take the family for an outdoor outing, and has plenty of space, so whether it is for just you and the kids, or the whole family, you can rest assured you’ll have fun at the park. 

JW Donahoo Park features a paved walking trail so you can get those steps in and burn off those Coffee Shoppe biscuits while taking in some fresh air. For the kids, there is a playground, lighted baseball fields, and a play meadow dedicated to whatever games your imagination can conjure! For competitive families and friends, the tennis courts at JW Donahoo Park are the perfect place to have a grand slam of a time and enjoy some friendly competition. JW Donahoo Park has everything you and your family and friends need to enjoy a beautiful day outside in Harpersville!

Lunch at El Pastorcito Taco Truck

I know what you’re thinking. First, breakfast at a gas station, and now lunch at a taco truck?! But the folks at El Pastorcito sure know how to cook authentic Mexican cuisine. Located right on 280 in Harpersville, this little taco truck packs a restaurant’s worth of flavor in every bite! Order online or stop in and pick up your food. No matter what, you’re in for a treat. 

El Pastorcito uses only the freshest ingredients in their tacos, tamales, and tortas! If you’re super hungry, try out their quesadillas, tamales guatemaltecos, or their burritos. El Pastorcito is open from 10 AM to 8 PM every day except Sunday, so no matter when you’re in Harpersville, come hungry and leave El Pastorcito planning your next trip back!

Spend The Afternoon At Morgan Creek Winery

Did you know that you can get local, homemade wines right here in Shelby County? Morgan Creek Winery in Harpersville is your local connection for all things regional wines. Their mantra is “Grits don’t come from New York, and Chardonnay doesn’t come from Alabama.” This means that the wines at Morgan Creek are made from fresh local fruits such as peaches, muscadine, and other local berries and fruits. For over 20 years, Morgan Creek Winery has been making delicious, traditional wines for Alabamians to enjoy. 

The sprawling winery property sits on acres and acres of beautiful Shelby County Countryside. When you get to the Winery, take a tour of the grounds, sample some wonderful wines, and learn the history of this Shelby County Treasure. If you’re there on a weekend, be sure to check the Winery’s social media pages for all the local events that may be coming up. Or, if you’re looking for a place to plan a corporate event or wedding, don’t forget about Morgan Creek Winery. They have everything to accommodate you and your colleagues or family for your next event. Head to Morgan Creek Winery today and find out what all the “buzz” is about!

The Hidden Gem of Harpersville!

From small-town cuisine with cultural flares to sprawling parks, Harpersville is a small town with a lot to offer. Harpersville was here before Shelby County and before Alabama was a state, but even in its old age, it is still at the forefront of entertainment and cuisine in Shelby County. Whether you want a morning at the Coffee Shoppe, an afternoon at the park, or at the winery, Harpersville truly is a hidden gem in Shelby County. Head down Highway 280 today and discover all that this small town has to offer when you get out and Discover Shelby!

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