12 Trails of Christmas

Published: December 1, 2023

It is that magical time of year again. Where the weather cools down, trees are up, decorations are out, lights are hung outside and winter draws near. The Christmas season is upon us! Christmas is a time of year when family and friends come together and simply enjoy the season and all that it has to offer. Do you have anything planned this year for the Holiday season? If you live in Shelby County or the surrounding area, Discover Shelby will be hosting the much anticipated 12 Trails of Christmas.    

12 Trails Of Christmas 

The 12 Trails of Christmas is a delightful tradition initiated by Discover Shelby. It’s an incredibly inclusive activity that appeals to a wide range of people, whether you’re exploring solo, with a friend, as a couple, or with your entire family. Shelby County, the fastest-growing county in Alabama, is filled with festive enthusiasm during this holiday season.

Twelve Themes

There are some fun themes that are being used for the event this year. The themes are: 

  1. Main Streets 
  2. Public Art
  3. History 
  4. Breweries 
  5. Wineries 
  6. Magical Experiences
  7. Kid Friendly Fun
  8. Treat Yourself
  9. Date Nights
  10. Coffee Shops
  11. Trails To Enjoy With Family
  12. Trails To Shred

Discover Shelby will share a full list of places from each category on social media so be on the lookout to see what place pops up that you and your friends and family can visit for 12 Trails of Christmas. 

So Much Fun 

Rest assured, the 12 Trails of Christmas offers a wide range of fun activities for everyone to enjoy during the holiday season. From tasty treats to festive decorations, it embodies the holiday spirit. Singing carols, making ornaments, and spreading kindness are all part of the fun. This tradition promotes togetherness and community, ensuring a memorable experience for all. Join in and create lasting memories with loved ones, as you’ll have a great time and want to participate year after year.

A Family Good Time  

This is indeed a family-oriented activity. If you have children who are on a break from school and feeling restless at home, the 12 Trails of Christmas is an ideal activity that the whole family can partake in. All the locations mentioned, even wineries and breweries, are welcoming to families of all sizes and ages. In fact, these places are happy to host families, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the experience together. It’s also an enjoyable challenge for your kiddos to see how many activities they can check off the list each day.

Explore Something New 

If you’re eager to explore Shelby County and find some exciting surprises, the 12 Trails of Christmas is the perfect way to do it! This holiday tradition offers an adventure full of fun discoveries. You might be pleasantly amazed by new things to do and see in the county. There are plenty of hidden gems waiting for you to explore. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to easily follow along. Get ready for an exciting journey!

Shelby County Is Ready For Christmas 

Shelby County is gearing up for a festive holiday season with the exciting 12 Trails of Christmas. This event will unveil a wide array of activities and venues, providing a wonderful opportunity for residents to enjoy family-friendly fun. For those seeking a romantic night out, there will also be options tailored for couples. These welcoming and diverse environments ensure that everyone can have a great time. Get ready to be thrilled by the upcoming 12 Trails of Christmas from Discover Shelby – an event you absolutely must not miss this season. It’s time to fill your holidays with joy and cheer!

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