Alabama's Fastest Growing County

In 2010, Shelby County’s population was 195,085, representing an increase of 51,792 or 36.1% from the previous census in 2000.

The 2010 census confirmed that Shelby County remained as the fastest growing county in the State of Alabama over the past decade in terms of % growth. In fact, Shelby County has been the fastest growing county in Alabama in every decade since 1970.

Population by Year

Census YearShelby County Population
2010 Census195,085
2000 Census143,293
1990 Census99,358
1980 Census66,298

Population Growth      

Year RangePercent of Growth
1980 to 1990 Census49.87%
1990 to 2000 Census44.20%
2000 to 2010 Census36.14%