Animal Control

Shelby County Animal Control Office: 205-669-8766 Office hours: 7:00am – 3:30pm, Monday – Friday

If you are located within city limits, please contact your local municipality for animal control assistance. The County does not have jurisdiction within a city. Click here for city contact information.

General Information

  • Deceased animals located on the county’s road right of way will be picked up by the Environmental Services Department - 205-669-3737 or
  • Land owners are responsible for managing the remains of deceased animals located on private property. Animal remains cannot be placed with the garbage containers and/or processed by your garbage service provider.
  • Domestic Livestock: Shelby County Animal Control cannot independently capture and/or transport livestock. The Sheriff’s Office (205-670-6000) must first be contacted to access and/or report a situation. Animal Control will be contacted by the Sheriff’s Office if their assistance is required.
  • Shelby County residents can contact the Shelby County Humane Society (205-669-3916) or shelbyhumane.orgfor the following support:
    • Adoption or Fostering of dogs and/or cats
    • Spay and neuter information
    • Lost pet information and/or recovery
    • Vaccine information and services